Greater MegaSplynn

Government: The city is ruled by a Mayor and Vice-Mayor.

Terrain and Climate: Ranges from 25 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 75 to 90 in the summer. Average annual rainfall is 46 inches, and one to three inches of snow.

Land Area: Splynn covers a 395 square mile area and is surrounded by low, rolling hills, pastoral grasslands and many small towns and villages (they account for another one million people).

Population: Approximately 105.5 million people, including slaves.

Splynn is the capital city of Atlantis. It an extremely impressive and unique city. The architecture is reminiscent of the ancient Greeks and Romans of Earth, with many pillars and open-air markets and buildings. The majority of the buildings are towering edifices made of marble and elegantly carved stone. The colors are warm tones of white, tan, beige, silver and gold, accented with splashes of red, black and other colors. Ornate designs and patterns are carved into the walls. Entrances, stairs, pillars and ledges are decorated with carvings and statues, both beautiful and grotesque. Statues and fountains are everywhere and add to the feeling of elegance (many are rune or other magic and serve as a means of observation, spying and defense).

A massive, golden brown pyramid towers 4000 feet (1200 m) into the sky (the largest pyramid on the continent) and can be seen from every place in the city. At sunrise and sunset the pyramid seems to glow with iridescent shades of yellow, orange and red. It is also one of the few places that the Mayor will make a personal appearance to be with her people, hand down laws and judgements, make decrees, and to entertain guests. As one might expect, the pyramid rests on a powerful ley line nexus.

One of the most striking things about the city is that it is spotlessly clean. There are no signs of rubbish or decay. No slums and no dirty alleys or garbage dumps. The air is clean and pure, free from the pollution of foundries and manufacturing plants. The Mayor likes clean air and clean, attractive surroundings, thus there is no manufacturing in or near the city. Manufacturing plants with their accompanying noise and pollution are the bane of other communities.

However, Splynn is an epicenter for communication, dimensional travel, learning, and the mystic arts. Tattoo magic, stone magic, pyramid technology, bio-wizardry, rune magic, and the research and development of magic is the industry of Splynn. It is here where 70% of the bio-wizard devices, bio-borgs, symbiotes, augmentation, the creation of rune weapons, statues and devices, mystic armor, potions, talismans, and other tangible magic items found in Atlantis are created! Technology and science as humans know it, can not be found, except in the form of personal property like pocket computers, energy weapons, and vehicles. Even a Minion’s mode of transportation is quick and/or elegant. Teleportation from pyramid to pyramid or along ley lines surpasses bulky rail or hover systems. Floating sailboats, barges and sailing ships, silently glide overhead through the air, accompanied by a group of people on TW wing boards. A rider on a pegasus, gryphon, or dragondactyl swoops gracefully from a cloud and makes a gentle landing. A pair of powerlords zip along without any apparent means of propulsion.

A menacing Murex Metztla hovers by, only a few feet above the ground, snarling with a hungry smile before he disappears behind a golden tower. The shadow of a dragon momentarily blocks the sunlight as he sails overhead with his massive, outstretched wings — a sight to behold. There is no place like the city of Splynn on Atlantis. The city welcomes visitors from all over the Megaverse, although these visitors are rarely human. Humans, elves and most humanoids are viewed with disdain and amusement. Even guests receive little more respect than the Sunaj. All manner of men and beasts walk the streets; dragons, gargoyles, demons, energy beings, giants, and aliens of every ilk, with the Minions of Splugorth keeping the peace. Many are creatures who would never socialize with each other or may even be mortal enemies anywhere else but Atlantis.

Splynn City Highlights

There are boarding houses, hotels, dance halls, casinos, private gambling halls (often with small, private arenas), houses of ill repute, fortunetellers, healers, bio-wizard enhancement salons, body-chop-shops, car dealers, slavers, and slick shops and expansive stores of all kinds, everywhere. Splynn is a shopper’s paradise, where it is said, “One can find anything the heart desires, if one is willing to pay the price.” That price can be credits, gold, gems, an exchange of goods, services or information, betrayal, murder or the selling of one’s soul! The following are only a few of the most notable places.

The Arena of Champions
Even Lord Splynncryth once battled another alien intelligence here, to the cheers of the crowd. It is a massive, circular arena with accommodations for 90,000 spectators, plus 20,000 perches for gargoyles and other flyers. It is notorious for wizard duels, fights to the death, other blood sports, and an ever-changing menagerie of monsters from other dimensions.

The Imperial Pyramid of Splynncryth
As described earlier, it is the tallest structure in the city and its imposing edifice can be seen everywhere in the city, like a man-made mountain. It is used to control the weather, communicate with other pyramids in this dimension and a hundred others, to open dimensional rifts, to perform spectacular magic, as a place of mystic research and healing, and for defence of the city. Inside, near the top, are Lord Splynncryth’s personal chambers.
The place is always bustling with activity and populated by thousands of Splynncryth’s minions. Visitors are never allowed except under invitation and escort of Lord Splynncryth or a High Lord(s).

Skyrealm Excursions
This is a huge facility near the heart of town that offers aerial tours in magic, flying sailing ships. There is a three hour tour of the city for 75 credits per person, a six hour tour of the city and surrounding countryside for 130 credits, and an all day tour of Atlantis on a luxury frigate, including a gourmet dinner and fine wine for 500 credits. The shorter tours are on schooners.

The Palace of Living Stone
This business is operated by several High Lord stone masters. They will build things out of stone, including statues of any kind and size, stone weapons, tools and furniture, encase or remove objects from stone, evaluate, sell, purchase, and energize gems, build and repair flying stone ships, create rune statues, fire breathing dragon heads, stone lions (the animated kind), observation statues, and more. Prices are high but the quality is the best in the city.

Additions is an expansive shop in the shape of a stone pyramid. It specializes in bio-wizardry augmentation similar to a cybernetic bodychop-shops only it is much larger than most chop-shops and offers only bio-wizard reconstruction, transmutation, parasites and symbiotic implantation. The facility offers all forms of bio-transmutations, although specific features may not be available to certain races. They also implant and remove parasites and symbiotic organisms, and sell most microbes, many parasites and symbiotes.

The Splynn Zoo
For humans there is nothing like it. The zoo has countless exotic life forms from all over the Megaverse, as well as the victims of bio-wizard experiments gone awry. Unfortunately, many of the zoo animals are intelligent life forms condemned to a life of imprisonment. Among the most prized animals is a genuine unicorn. Always a nice place to take the family.

Burbs & Santy Towns

Part of the city, but grew up around the edges of the city. They are not as clean as the rest of the city. The population of these areas is 23 million.

“The” Market
There must be a dozen huge markets and countless shops, but nothing compares to the Splynn Dimensional Market, commonly referred to only as “The Market.” Beings from all over the world and from scores of alien worlds and dimensions come to sell their goods and services here.

Land Area: The marketplace is so large and expansive that it covers a sizable portion of the City of Splynn, about 100 square miles. About one quarter of this area is taken up by the upper-class shops, with the remainder being divided roughly equally between the middle and lower class merchants.
Population: The actual population living in the marketplace proper is only about ten million. This includes merchants, shop owners, and paid employees, but not slaves, customers, visitors, or the Splugorth minions who generally do not live in the marketplace.

Merchant Population & Racial Breakdown: Hundreds of different races make up the merchants, slaves, and visitors of the marketplace. Many of them are members of races uncommon to this part of the universe — members of obscure and scarce races, and even one of a kind creatures. As merchants come and go, their numbers can vary as much as 25% up or down, but are so quickly replaced that the population generally remains stable. Slaves belonging to and sold by the Splugorth and other slavers account for another five to eight million people, but can vary from less than half to more than twice that, depending on the season and the market for slaves. There are roughly two million “free” inhabitants, including paid employees.

Visitors: Generally number between ten million and fifteen million at any given time, but during festivals and celebrations that number can increase by more than double. Remember, this is just the number of visitors who are present in the market at one time. The minions of Splugorth present and on duty in the marketplace at all times contribute another five million, but as many as two million others can be found there during their off time.

Visitors & Workers

Visitors to the city number between 15-20 million any given time. Workers who travel to work in the city number around 26 million.


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