Mythos Intro!

Mythos is a world of tomorrow mixed with the world of the Ancient Old. The world was torn by doom and destruction, and then they arrived. The Ancient Races – the creatures of lore, legend, of fairy tales, our nightmares, and mythology- returned. THEY BROUGHT WITH THEM… Magic!

Besides the Ancient Races, the Gods of Old returned. The Gods brought with them the knowledge lost in our history and past. Over time, with their help, we were able to rebuild and learn to live again. We found out that we were blessed with many gifts. They showed us the Spirits and Gifts that were our birthright.

A darkness came as well. We learned that are fears are real. Our fears took the forms of Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Devils, Weights, etc. We fight back against the Darkness. This battle continues to this day, the light versus the darkness.


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